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We invite reviews of films in Contemplative Studies. Rigorous and insightful reviews are an integral part of JCS’s mission to inform and connect scholars and practitioners in the field of Contemplative Studies. Proposals are invited to review new films, as well as foundational works of filmmaking released in the last few years.

A few possible titles for which we are looking for reviewers include:

  1. The Mountain Path. One Mind Productions, Edward Burger, 2021
  2. Geshe Wangyal, With Blessing of the Three Jewels. Anniko Films, Ella Manzheeva, 2022
  3. The Great 14th. Frame of Mind Films, Rosemary Rawcliffe, 2019
  4. Free: Duc in Altum. Bosco Films, Santos Blanco, 2023
  5. Dark Red Forest. Autlook Films, Huaqing Jin, 2021
  6. Zen for Nothing. Zeitgeist Films, Werner Penzel, 2018

Proposals for reviews of other recent films in Contemplative Studies and new film suggestions are welcome.