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The Varieties of Contemplative Experience series from the University of Virginia Press is devoted to wide-ranging humanistic scholarship exploring the world’s rich legacy of contemplative traditions across cultures, religions, and historical periods. The ambit of this series ranges from ancient times to the near past and the contemporary, from religions to the spiritual but not religious movement to secular traditions, and from Asia to Africa to Europe to the Americas to Indigenous peoples. Studies can be grounded in a variety of disciplines in the humanities, including Religious Studies, History, Art History, Literary Studies, Anthropology, and Philosophy, as well as transdisciplinary scholarship that engages with the social and natural sciences, as long as there is a strong engagement with the humanities. Manuscripts that engage with broader issues and comparative questions are particularly welcome. Our series seeks to provide a home for all types of innovative research on specific contemplative practices, emergent experiences from contemplation, and related traditions in richly embedded realities. 

Varieties of Contemplative Experience is a peer-reviewed book series that publishes leading scholarship connected to the study of contemplation. The series editors invite proposals and manuscripts from authors whose scholarship addresses the wide variety of contemplative experiences from any disciplinary and interpretive angle. 

Michael Sheehy is assistant professor of contemplative research and director of research at the Contemplative Sciences Center at the University of Virginia.

David Germano is professor of Religious Studies at the University of Virginia.

Ariel Evan Mayse is assistant professor of Religious Studies at Stanford University