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The JCS Editors invite proposals to guest edit a Special Issue by filling-in the Special Issue Proposal Form via the Submissions page. JCS Special Issues invite and collate select articles on a coherent theme that collectively contribute to Contemplative Studies. See details on the Special Issues page. 

Each Special Issue is curated by one to three guest editor(s). Guest editors are responsible for inviting authors to contribute articles, book reviews, photo essays or other proposed media, facilitating peer-review, and collaborating with the JCS Editors to usher the issue into production.

Criteria for submission of a Special Issue proposal is:

(1) The issue should be thematically coherent.
(2) Adhere to the Focus and Scope of JCS.
(3) Contribute original research and scholarship.
(4) Not include content under consideration elsewhere.

Basic components of a Special Issue proposal include: Issue Title, which can be tentative; Guest Editor Names, with full name(s) in order to appear in publication; Abstract (250-500 words), which can be written as a call for papers; Articles Proposed for the Special Issue, which is optional; and a proposed Production Schedule, also optional.

We look forward to your proposals and collaborating with you to develop a JCS Special Issue.